August 2018  
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July/August has not been real good for our Church family and extended family with 4 deaths in about 3 weeks. The great news is that all were Christ followers and just made a change of address from earth to heaven. What a privilege to know and worship with these folks and know tht we will meet again. Sunday School was average in attendance even with some of our key people out. This lesson was on giving from II Corinthians where Paul was wanting to receive a offering that had been a year in the making. He was encouraging them to give for the persecuted saints in Jerusalem. Knowing that things could change and one day they could be the ones in need. Great greeting folks and meeting them which is a great time for me even if I don't get to spend a lot of time with them. Choir and music was great as usual. Scripture was Joshua 24:15 where Joshua told the people of Israel to choose that day whom they would serve and then said as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. God has given us a great thing in being able to choose. Every day we make decisions to do right or wrong. Some folks want to blame God for a bad life. In reality they made the choices that lead to life on this earth and in eternity. God can only do in our lives what we allow Him to. He has a destiny for us but we have to discover it and then choose to trust and obey Him in it. It leads to a great eternity. Bro. Bud waited for 93 years before accepting Christ as Savior but he did and when he did he said: Good now I can die. But he lived to see 94 but told his wife we will be in heaven together. It took him a long time to make the right choice but he made it what about you?

Sunday Night was busy with attending visitation for Bud at the funeral home and then making services. Our attendance was up. Janice had the choir try a song everyone knew but we had not sang "Looking For A City". He has a 4 parts in it and we had fun at least attempting it. Our last choir song was What A Day That Will Be. There was no special music and I know some were wanting to go to visitation at funeral home after service. Scripture was Matthew 4:1-11 dealing with temptation. Jesus had victory and success because He effectively used scripture to battle the devil. It is so important that we know the Word and can use it. Then in vs 11 it says the angels came and ministered to Him. What a great comfort to have a close relationship with the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to comfort us in times of need.

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