August 2017  
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Another great August Sunday here in the heartland. Unbelieveable weather. Having a fellowship meal following worship and then a baby shower so lots of stuff to do and got to the facility early to get started. Great to be greeted by Deacon Gene LaFerney who already had stuff going. The fellowship hall had been decorated and tables set up for the fellowship meal.  People started coming in and most brought some food stuffs. Our Sunday School class was down a little because of some on vacation and some I don't know where.  Following Sunday School it was wonderful to greet folks and some I had not seen in quite awhile. The choir was great as usual. Bro. Buck brought special music and done a good job singing "An Evening Prayer". Our scripture came from St. Luke 5:1-11 about Jesus calling the disciples. I find it amazing that the Lord can look at fishermen and see within them with His help they become fishers of men. He places His Holy Spirit within them and they become powerful leaders for the Kingdom of heaven. He called Matthew from being a hated tax collector to be His follower. No one likes a tax collector then or now. Yet Jesus could see something in Him and called Him for service. No, Jesus does not overlook sin. He calls it what it is and forgives and forgets our sins. Let Him do a great work in your life today!

Sunday Evening our attendance was average to better than.  Our choir number was down but the singing was great. no special. Unusual move the Pastor asked Deacon Mike Elder to read Genesis 34. There were 31 verses. Pastor can read a few verses but long passages are difficult and blurring occurs so this worked out well. Genesis is one of the oldest books in the Bible. What we are dealing with in this chapter is a God fearing man moving his family to an area that does not have the same moral values nor religious values that he does. This man is Jacob. He has a daughter Dinah. Who like all young people went to make friends of others her age. On her way a rich, powerful young man sees her and lusts for her takes her and rapes her. His name is Shechem son of Hamor. An amazing thing happens in that he falls in love with Dinah and goes to his father and tells him to get her for his wife. Jacob hears about the rape but does nothing about it because his sons are out with the herds. They come in and hear about the rape and are upset by it.  Hamor comes to Jacob and attempts to persuade Jacob for Dinah. He talks about what a boost it would be for the economy if they would allow this to happen. HE SAYS NOTHING ABOUT THE CRIME/SIN THAT HIS SON HAS COMMITTED.  No thought given to Dinah who is not home and has been raped. Then from left field comes the thinking of the sons they can't do that because these guys aren't circumcized. They tell them have all the men become circumcized and we will do it. Now Hamor has to go sell this to his people. They meet at the town gate and he tells them again how it will be all gain for them. They then let their greed take hold of them and all become circumcized. On the 3rd day when they are so sore they can't move. Levi and Simeon, Dinah's brothers draw their swords and kill every man in the town. The other brothers plunder the city taking the children and women as slaves and all the wealth. Jacob says they have made him stink in the eyes of the neighbors. The brothers say simply they would not allow their sister to be treated as a harlot. Jesus has the only answer for sin. Any sin and every sin and HE will help you if you will allow Him to.

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