April 2018  
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What a week? A couple of days weather in the mid to high 70's then 2 1/2 inches of rain followed by temps in the low 40's today. Add to that a Friday the 13th and Sunday April 15 known as tax day! But we survived it all and have assembled to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth! Sunday School was great with continued lessons from John 21 about Jesus interaction with the disciples and for this week especially Peter. Yes Peter denied the Lord 3 times a colossal failure but God was not done with him just because he failed Him. Neither will He be done with you when you fail. Jesus asked Peter basically the same question 3 times. Simon son of Jonas lovest thou me.  Peter answer was yea Lord thou knowest I love thee. Jesus was preparing Peter for his leadership role in the formataion of the Church and spreading of the Kingdom of God. He also told Him about the manner Peter was going to die. Just a tremendous study. Buck led the choir due to Phil being in the hospital. Great choir singing. JoAnn Bradley sang special music: "The Way That He Loves". Wonderful job. Scripture John 20:24, 26-29 where Jesus appeared to part of His disciples but Thomas wasn't there and then He appeared again when Thomas was there. So much needs to be looked at in dealing with Thomas. In John 11:16 Jesus learns of Lazarus death and says He is going. Disciples tried to get him not to go. But vs 16 Thomas says let us go and die with him. He was the one saying it will cost me my life but let us go. There was surely no doubting there. Then John 14 where Jesus talks about out eternal abode called Heaven and say I go and ye know the way. Thomas says in vs 5 Lord we don't know the way? Jesus makes this great statement: I am the way the truth and the Life no one come to the Father but by me. Thomas didn't get to see Jesus the first time. So he says he won't believe unless he places his hands in the nail scars etc Don't you think he is saying to those disciples. You believe because you seen Jesus. I haven't but I saw Him feed 5,000. I seen Him heal 10 lepers. I sawy Him turn the water into wine.  Jesus appears in the room and says to Thomas here I asm. Thomas acknowledged the Lord withouth doing what he said it would take. Jesus blessed him and called him a believer.  Friend you have a choice today. Will you accept?

Sunday Night the temps were falling and it was cold but our attendance was good. The choir was not full but they sang with spirit and volume. There was no special music. Scripture was Habakkuk 3:17, 18. In verse 17 Habakkuk talked about days that I picture in our history as the great depression. The fruit trees did not bear fruit. The grain fields yielded no grain. The livestock failed to reproduce. it was desperate times but in verse 18 he says I'm going to give praise to the Lord for the joy of my salvation even if it make no sense to do so.  I think most of us can somewhat know what Habakkuk is expressing. Times in our lives where chaos instead of calm abounds. When our children all turn to prodigals and our heart is breaking. Disappoint fills us heart and soul. Maybe it is a medical crisis we have to deal with self or loved ones. Possibly it is betrayal by family or friends. We understand being down and we need to follow the Biblical example given here of when it comes I'm going to continue to trust the Lord and worship and praise Him. Churches are full of folks that give pretty praise. That means when their health is good, when money is in the bank, when they traded for a newere auto. when their job is secure they gladly praise the Lord. But God like ugly praise. Ugly praise is when your health has failed. When there is no money in the bank or elsewhere. When there's a major breakdown with your auto. When you got the lay off notice at your job. When some or all of those things come we decide to praise the Lord because we know that He is with us and will never leave us or forsake us!

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