June 2017  
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The greatest holiday of the year finally got here and it is FATHER'S DAY! I love to have fun and especially about this holiday. Our Sunday School was vibrant. Our attendance was up as it should be.  Much laughter going on as we study together God's Word. After class on to greet the folks coming in for this special service.  We had a couple of people missing from our music but Phil filled in and always does a great job. The choir was full and sounded just great. We didn't have special music as I like to acknowledge some special dads on Father's Day. The oldest was 91 and it was Bill Owens and the next was Sodie Hampton and they both received gift certificates for a meal. Then acknowledged the oldest to cook for Men's Prayer Breakfast and that was Roy Best age 78 and the youngest John Rose at 65. Then the dad the drove the furthest to be here was Bro. Jerry from the Knoxville, Tn area. It was good to acknowledge these guys and have some fun. Each Dad received a little gift which was a light. Scripture was Judges 2:6-12. I had spent some time in hospital waiting room and listened as some folks from mega-churches were talking about how young people that left for college left the Church. One was from Oklahoma City and the other from St. Charles area. Our scripture deals with a similar problem thousands of years earlier. Joshua led Israel into the promised land. They failed to carry out God's instruction in conquering all. So after Joshua and his generation died off the people left worshipping the Lord and begin to worship the idols in the land. Today in our generation the children are not waiting for the parents to die off.  They worship the god of television, movies, computers,  pleasure, sex, and perversion of any sort. A news anchor thta I watch has been making a point of talking that Afganistan is our longest war. He is planting a seed but I believe we are in a far more serious war and its not oversea's but it is in the home and what is at stake is the eternity of our children. We can only win this war with the help of Dad's. Dads that will talk about their faith in God on a daily basis with their children. Also spent plenty of time with them. You may not have had a great dad but Eph. 6:1 says for children to honor their Mother and Father. Doesn't say just the good ones or the ones you like. Honor will be blest by the Lord. Let's trust Him on that!

Sunday Night we had another good crowd with some folks visiting from churches that did not have services. Our music is such a great asset to our services.  Several different scriptures was used beginning with Mark 8:18, I Cor. 4:12,13 and Hebrews 12 along with Galatians 5. The theme or topic was to talk about attitude.  In Mark 8 Jesus is talking to His disciples as they were concerned about physical hunger and He asked if they could not understand there was no need because He had fed 5,000 and 4,000. Paul wrote in I Corinthians to the Church that yes they would be looked down on, mocked, and gossipped about but were to be Christian toward those that did.  That means to pray for them and bless them and forgive them. The battle for life is really won or lost depending on your attitude.  You can be negative and it will bring doom and gloom.  Or you can take the negative things in life and use them as stepping stones to victory.  The choice is yours. You know what the Lord desires for you to do.

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