October 2018   
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Fall has arrived!  Cool temps and wet weather is going on this 2nd Sunday for October. Received two different calls and text about faithful members that would not be in church because of being in the hospital. Terri Owens and Sonny James both heart related and both were home later in the day. One of our Sunday School classes had to go to a 4th backup Sunday School Teacher and I believe in nearly 50 years of ministry that is a 1st for me. Things just kept happening. Needless to say our Sunday School attendance was down but the spiritual blessings remain the same. Our lesson was from Noah's sons to Abram leaving his father's land and home in obedience to the Lord and the promise of God's blessings on him.  Good lesson. It was great to greet people for worship and it was a little easier because we had quite a few absent. Was reaquainted with the son of one of our regulars that lives in Colorado Springs and a delight to have him in our service as well as others. Our musicians and choir done a great job and it was good to have Janice back. Debbie Rose sang "Now We Call It Heaven; Soon We Will Call It Home". A beautiful song and well done. Scripture was Eccl 3:1 stating: To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. This morning it is easy for us to understand the seasons. Thursday morning we had our a/c on and thursday night our heat. Just as God created the earth to have season as the earth rotates around the sun. We as Christians go through seasons in life and we should have the SON in our lives. Seasons when they change bring CHANGE. We put up our short sleeve wear and pulled out our long sleeve wear. Seasons sometime come for things to come alive and grow. Other seasons are here that things die and are harvested like what we are in now. Some seasons bring longer days and shorter nights and then change to longer nights and shorter days and all of it has a purpose The Apostle Peter is an example in his life. He was just a fisherman and an average guy. Jesus came by and called him and he was no longer average he became a believer. He had a change from a nobody to a somebody.  God still brings such change with in your life if you will let Him.

Sunday Night the weather had not changed a lot which kept our attendance down. It was good to have Terri Owens back in service with us. Our music was great and the choir was great. Debbie Rose sang again for special music. Scripture was Acts 20:29-32 where Paul warned the Church about grievious wolves. I related about coyotes getting in our geese when I was young and how they didn't kill to eat they just killed to kill. I'm sure the same about wolves with sheep. Paul was speaking of Christians as spiritual sheep of the Lord and how we have to protect ourselves. We have not been doing a good job of that in society nor in the Church. If we don't change and get better at protecting our values we are in trouble. We get better by reading the Bible, praying, fasting, and letting our light shine whenever possible.

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