February 2018  
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The Lord blest as He always does with cold but nothing falling from the sky. Early we had fog but the sun was shining for service. Another good Sunday School lesson from Acts 9 involving Dorcas and other lady disciples I believe most who were widows. It was a lesson about faith and God's amazing power and the need to then share with others. We imported a pianist from Sikeston who is the Pastor's cousins wife. She was not the only guest we had and we needed them all because several folks were missing.  Phil done a great job leading the choir and they done a great job singing. Just thinking about all the problems we have in our nation today and remembering the 17 killed in the Florida school shooting. I sang "Reach Out to Jesus" as special music. Scripture came from Mark 8:38 through Mark 9:13 dealing with the Transfiguration. Verse 38 and verse 1 dealth with Jesus coming again. Then the others were 6 days later taking Peter James and John up on top of the Mtn where Jesus was transfigured and had Elijah and Moses with Him. Our nation is in trouble. When this generation eats laundry detergent and believes a grocery store just makes hamburgers. Houston we have a problem. There is only one sure answer and that is JESUS.  This Biblical event was a preview of Jesus 2nd coming. Believe it or not it will happen.  Moses was there symbolic of those that will be raised from the dead. The Lord did not allow Moses into the promised land but let him see it. Moses then died and God buried him. Now thousands of years past where is Moses? He is in the Promise Land with the Lord. Listen Christian we have a great day ahead of us - to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  Elijah is there representing those that are alive and will be changed. You remember that Elijah did not die but was called to heaven in a firey chariot and a whirlwind. But here he is on the Mtn with the Lord Jesus. Peter wanted to make 3 tabernacles for each. God vetoed that when He spoke from a cloud saying this is my Son hear Him. Moses and Elijah were great prophets but Jesus is the Son of the living God. Let that thought impact your life and prepare to meet Him because you will.

Sunday Night was down in attendance a little but we had a great service. Terry Miller was our guest pianist and he put it in high gear with some lively prelude music that drew an ovation at the start of our service. Our choir was not full but it was mighty in voice and spirit. Scripture was II Corinthians 13:5,6. Paul is addressing a church family that has a lot of problems. He loves them and God loves them and he wants to encourage and strengthen them just as he does all of us. So Paul tells us to examine ourselves. We are not too good in following that acripture. Now if it would tell us to examine others we all are pretty good at that.  We easily can find fault with just about anyone. Even our chil......well maybe not our children but other children. Our responsibility is not to examine or make any judgment toward them at all.  Our responsibility is to examine ourselves and then follow through with corrective action that needs to be taken to make us more like Jesus.  I pray you will heed this word.

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