June 2018  
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It was a Happy Father's Day in and around our area and I'm sure it was wherever you were. Weather is hot in the heartland. We are enjoying our new roof and it has come a couple of downpours and no leaks. Not sure exactly why but folks were in a festive spirit; should be because of the blessings of the Lord. Our Sunday School Class was a little short on attendance but close to average but we would like to be above average. Our lesson from Matthew 15 where the scribes and pharisee's accused Jesus disciples of breaking their tradition by eating and not washing their hands in the proper way. Hand washing is always good for personal hygiene but is not required except for priest in presenting an offering in God's law. Instead of responding to His disciples not following a tradition the Lord asked why they disobeyed God's commandment to Honor thy Father and thy Mother? It is always a good idea to self examine yourself before you start to critize others. Jesus finally called them hypocrites because their worship was a sham. They pretended to love God but really just done things for show. Good attendance today and it was great to have Terry on the organ with Terri on the piano and John on the bass. Our choir and music is always great. JoAnn sang "I Believe in the Old Rugged Cross" for special music. Scripture was Luke 1"17 where John the Baptist was to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children.  How that is needed in our world today. In the past father hood was those that made such great sacrifices to provide for families. We grew up watching Father Knows Best and the Ward and June Cleaver's. But in this area it is farming country and no one wore suits except to weddings or funerals. Windows were left raised and doors had no locks. But we don't live in that world anymore. Today almost 1/2 of children have no father figure in the home. We are losing our famiilies and with it will go our nation. But hope is not lost because YOU DAD can make a difference with God's help in your home and community.

Sunday Night wee had good attendance and service. 

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