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Another wonderful day to worship the Lord and learn of His Word.  Always good news to have folks visiting for Sunday School. Our lesson was from Jonah chapter 3 and it was a very good lesson.  Our Sunday School time is delightful because of the folks who attend.  Each class is different and unique.  Worship time was very good attendance wise and service wise.  The musicians done an outstanding job as with Janice and the choir. We sang from the odler Heavenly Highway Hymnal and the choir sang the old songs with energy and delight.  We had several prayer request in the bulletin and those given to me before the service.  We announced "The Hoppers" a southern gospel music family going to be singing Saturday night, June 3 at the Fellowship General Baptist Church.  Sunday Morning June 4 "The Dysart Family" will be bringing the gospel in song to we here at Sunnyvale.  Scriupture was Isaiah 6:1-8. The theme of the message is what are we to do with worship service in our life? Peter, James, and John in Matthew 17 went with Jesus on the Mt. Transfiguration and they were awed at seeing Elijah and Moses. They heard God speak. God is the same and desires to speak to His people just as much today as then. Our problem is usually a failure to listen.  It is not a problem with God but with us. In Isaiah 59:2-4 the problem was addressed in very simple terms that could easily be understood. Jesus approached the problem in a parable in Luke 8 with the Sower and the Seed. The seed is the Word of God. Some landed by the wayside. representing folks who heard but did not believe. Others on rockys soil which believed but had no root and quickly withered. Lost. Some other seed fell where thorns and weeds came up and choked them out. People who hear and believe but the cares of the world and temptation takes them away from the Lord.. This is Jesus teaching not mine. Then some fell on the good soil and they brought forth good fruit.  So how did Isaiah react at hearing God? He was eager to acknowledge he was a sinner. He was not comfortable with living in sin.  Neither should we be comfortable living in sin. He needed cleansing and recieved it. Isaiah not only heard the Word but acted on it. As it says in James be not just a hearer of the Word but a doer.  When the Lord ask who shall we send?  Isaiah said, here am I send me.  We serve the same Lord today.  If you have heard is voices is there a need for you to respond to His call now?

Sunday Night attendance was again very good. The choir and musicians were great. Gave a VBS report. We will join with Bethany this year because of not many young people. They have a need for teachers and workers and we have a need for a Van driver for our young people to meet here at 6 and be back here by 9 for parents to pick up. VBS runs June 19-21 6:30 - 8:30.  Info will be on the bulletin board.  Scripture was Romans 3:3,4 a very heartbreaking scripture in some ways.  For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? What if some did not believe because of the inconsistent Christian life you are living.  Not easy to think about but you and I both know that is true.  Live for the Lord and be the right witness for Him.

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