November 2018   
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2nd Sunday and weekend in November is usually deer season with no exception this year. Not only did deer season affect our attendance but we just had an unusual amount of folks that were seriously ill. However it was also Veterans Day and what a blessing to bless those that have blest us. Sunday School was about half in all our classes. It was a good lesson dealing with Rebekka working with Jacob to decieve Isaac for the father's blessings. Short version is it worked. Sad part is it shows there have been dysfunctional families from the beginning. Yours is not the only one. After Sunday School we modified our service for a couple of different reasons. We had 2 congregational numbers: "America" and "God Bless America" both led by the Pastor. Then the youth had a program directed toward the Veterans and a patriotic service. We done all 3 pledges to the American flag, the Christian Flag and the Bible. Miguel then sang the National Anthem and done a great job. The youth gave out poppies to everyone and small flags to each veteran. Luke 23:32 - 46 was our scripture for the day. Like Jesus veterans are committed to a cause. the crowd tried to get Jesus to save Himself but He was committed to the cross to save the world if they would believe. We salute our flag but we bow our knee and worship our Saviour. Through His sacrifice Jesus changed the course of the future. One of those asked for Jesus to remember Him. Jesus said this day thou shalt be with me in paradise. He was headed for hell for eternity but His faith in Christ changed his future for eternity. Our Veterans changed the futures for countless millions. No telling what this nation would be if not for our veterans. Veterans are willing to pay the ultimate price. God's Son, Jesus led the way and the example in doing so on the cross. He was our substitute dying for our sins.  Our veterans also were our substitutes. Give thanks to our veterans and worship our Lord. 

Sunday Night we went with a time change for our services 5 p.m.. I knew it would take some time for folks to get used to it but only one family came in a little late. Our organ is on the blink and so I asked Terry to lead the choir and he and the choir and musicians done a great job. Scripture was I Timothy 1:1,2 Paul is writing to Timothy a young pastor with a lot of responsibility. Paul met Timothy on his 1st missionary journey and Paul took him on his 2nd journey. At Lystra Paul was taken outside the city and stoned because of his preaching. They thought to death but Paul survived and continued to preach. What an impact that had to make on Timothy. In vs 15 Paul gives the mission of the church is to get the gospel out to save sinners and he said of whom I am chief. 2 things about that. Paul knew that Jesus could change lives. I have seen it multiple times in my ministry where wives would say no need talking to my husband he will never be saved. But through their prayers and others encouragement have seen a number of them saved and changed. Where once you had to kick your way through beer cans to get on the poarch after getting a relationship with Jesus no more alcohol and no more cussing. What a change Jesus can bring into a persons life. After this service we are going to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and send those boxes out. You never know how this one act will influence a person for Christ for eternity.

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