January 2019   
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The Heartland missed a snow storm by just a few miles. It has been cold and rainy but it sure beats the snow that the central part of the state received. Even though the weather could have been better our folks continued to example their faith by showing up for Sunday School and worship. We had a super Sunday School class and our attendance was up just a little. Going in to shake hands before worship our choir director (Janice) said that Bro. Gene (Deacon) wanted to say something after the offering and before special music. So after the great choir and music I asked Bro. Gene to come up. It was a SHOCKER. He reminded the Church that Sunday completed for Barb and I 12 years as Pastor and he developed a video of some of the events of our ministry and it was put to music. I sat with Barb as we enjoyed that video that brought up so many precious memories. One I had to laugh at was on a Sunday after Church when we had lawn mower races. It was years ago but a funny sight as I was racing Janice in the final. Following the video Bro. Dawsey sang "That Sounds Like Home To Me". A beautiful song and well done. Scripture was Luke 3:15-22 where Jesus was baptized and the Holy Ghost descended in the physical form of a dove and God gave His blessing on Jesus. I gave a illustration of a West Texas man that bought some desert ground to make a living on by raising sheep. However there was no rain and the sheep did not prosper and neither did the rancher. Thinking he was going to lose all a team come out and ask to sink a well on his property they thought oil might be on it.  They did and there was and he became rich. However for years as he was struggling he was setting on a fortune but he didn't know it. From what the Bible says man Christians do the very same thing in that as we are saved the Lord gives us the Holy Spirit. Many accept that but fail to understand the power and blessings that God gives us in the Holy Spirit. It can be yours today if you will trust Him.

Sunday Night was different as Barb had to go to St. Louis and we were concerned about travel in that area. However after I got to Church she called and made it fine. Our attendance was fine for a cold dreary evening and start of night.  The choir and music was great. We had no special music. My voice was beginning to go out on me but I perservered. Scripture was Jeremiiah 29:11 one of my favorite verses but I have a lot of them. Where God said He has plans for us and not for evil but for good and an expected end. What an awesome thought that God thinks about you and me and has some good things in store for us. Sure bad things happen to good people but that is because we have a enemy - the devil. Realize that we as Christians are all He has to work on. He has everyone else so he wants to destroy you and your faith.  But God has good things in store for us. Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came to give us life and life more abundantly! Paul said eye hath not seen nor ear heard all the blessings God has for us. Listen as a Christian you have a great future in store for you.  Of course, as in all of God's blessings there are conditions. Don't think that you can go around living like the Devil himself and receive abundant life. God wants you to obey His Word and follow His guidance and then His blessings are ready. He has plans for us and we should have plans for Him. Plans to praise Him and continue to Learn of Him all of our lives. Remember He is Able to supply our needs and we are not to be Ashamed to witness for Him. Simply give Him our best as we desire His best in our lives. 

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