July 2018  
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A typical day for Sunday July 15 meaning it is hot. There is a hope of some rain later in the day but time will tell.  Folks were following the weather pattern of the dog days of summer in being a little slow to arrive but they did arrive. In fact our Sunday School class was up in attendance from last week. We have such a great time in our class with one another. Our lesson on the unjust judge was great and the lesson writer done a good job. Folks were coming in for worship and a wonderful spirit just as I greeted and shook hands with folks. What a blessing to be able to Pastor this part of the family of God. We had a member to go to heaven Saturday night about 11 p.m. and we will miss him. Had special prayer for he and his family. Scripture was Mark 4:35-41 a familar passage about Jesus getting in the boat and saying let us pass over to the other side. Jesus went to sleep and they ran into a storm. The boat filling with water they wake Jesus up and ask: Master carest thou not that we perish. Jesus asked where was their faith and then spoke to the wind and the waves. This is just an awesome passage of scripture and some things I completely over look to think about was brought to my attention. Jesus did not say to them let's go into the sea hit a storm and drown. He said let us go to the other side. Jesus has power and authority you don't expect the world to recognize but we as believers need to pay attention to what He says. He has authority over everything. It doesn't mean we won't have storms in life but He is the Master of the storm. Come to know Him today!

Sunday Night the temps were down just a bit from cloud cover. We had a good attendance and our music and choir was great as usual. There was no special music and the message was from II Samuel 8:1 emphasis on two words in that verse: After This. A review of David's life and his many up and downs. Having God's love and power upon his life but yet having to fight and run from enemies for the first part of his adult life. But After This. God provided a great blessing.  We serve the same God tonight that David served long ago and I don't know what you might be facing or what you are going to face but hold on to God's after this because there is some victory ahead for each and everyone of us.  Bro. Dale suffered some horrible pain wednesday night through saturday but saturday night God ushered him out of pain into glory. After This God has a blessing for you and me if you are prepared. 

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