March 5, 2023

November 26 was a little rainy and colder than usual. But folks came in with Sonshine in their soul. Happy from the holiday.  We had several out because of sickness with a virus going around. But the Lord always supplies others for which we are thankful. Our Sunday School lesson was from Corinthians and Jerry does a great job in teaching and allowing those that want to interact to do so. Shaking hands before worship service was surprised to see some new folks and others. The choir was great as was the song selection. Jerry had special music "Put Your Hand in the Hand" and beautifully done. Scripture was Philippians 4:1-6. 1st verse of Elvis singing Peace in the Valley. Peace is something hard to find. It's not always in families, communities, politics, church, and nations. When we look at our nation it is subtle but changing. Our President and leaders in Washington have started by 2030 60% of cars sold will be electric/battery. Can we do this without China. No, China holds the key elements in the making of these vehicles. In 1963 the Russian leader said they would take the U.S. without firing a shot from the inside. It is happening in our lifetime. Capitalism is giving way to socialism. What can we do. Does the Bible say anything? In I Kings 18 and 19 we find a similar situation. Evil King Ahab and Queen Jezebel are in control. Rejecting God and Godliness. God sends Elijah to tell them judgment is coming. He confronts and defeats the idol Baal's prophets. Without a sign of rain in a 3 year drought he tells the King to hurry his meal theres a rain storm coming. Elijah goes and prays and ask his servant 7 times to go look. The 7th time the servant said I see a cloud the size of a mans hand. Elijah prepared himself for running and out ran King Ahab's chariot to Jezreel. Those days were bad as our days are. But keep hope and believe the Bible and not the news. Jesus is coming.


Sunday Night our attendance was down a little. Choir was good and Terry Miller played tonight with John Rose. No special music. Scripture was Ephesians 4:1-6 emphasis on the Christian walk in our lives. How we live does matter not just for ourselved but for others. Your life should be lived to bring honor to Jesus. We need to walk in humbleness which is making others more important then ourselves. Walk in gentleness which is not weakness. Stay calm and there is never a time for screaming and cussing. We are to have patience with one another. We all have bad days and treat others in those times as you would like to be treated. Walk in unity. In the service I learned that very important gait. For every soldier to be instep with the others. The Church should always be in unity. We are one body, one Spirit, One Hope, One Faith, One Baptism, One Lord. We have One Father and Lord. Live our best for Him.  Following the service we had our monthly Birthday fellowship. Tonight was soup, sandwiches, and dessert. What a great success and very well attended.