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 It was a great weather day for February 16, 2020 and was equally matched by the Lord blessing us on this day. Our attendance was down but the spiritual blessings were up. Our Sunday School class was one the Lord's Prayer. It is always a good thing to study. Especially when we have several folks that are sick or bereaved. Our class time flew by and I think was enjoyed by all. Shaking hands it was obvious that our attendance was going to be down some. But it is great to greet folks individually. Our choir and musicians done their usual terrific jobs. Special music was by Sandy Allen who sang "Pray Now" which went perfect with the Sunday School lesson. Scripture was James 4:17 "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin. Most all of us think of sin as something we are not to do: lie, cheat, steal, kill, adultery, drunkedness, so we have a list. As long as we don't do any of that we feel pretty good and think we are o.k.. But this scripture says the sin of omission is the biggy. Look at how that conclusion is reached. The only time Jesus cursed anything was a fig tree that should have fruit but it didn't. The parable of the talents: 5 -2 -1. The one who had 5 gained 5 more and received a well done. The one with 2 gained 2 more and received a well done. The one who had 1 buried it and was chastized and cast out. If a person will be busy doing what they know is good they are not able to have time to do that which is wrong. So you have decisions every day to do good or not. Do Good!

 Sunday Night was warm and a great afternoon. Our attendance was up and might have been because of me telling what I was going to preach on tonight. But for whatever reason we are appreciative. Again the choir done a great job. There was no special music. Ron played the Valentine video from last week. I had viewed that video a lot and used a phrase in the lyric's of the song "Look At Us". We don't look like all we have been through". In the video it high lighted 25 couples married 30 years or more. 2 couples were married 68 years, 1 married 65, 1 couple 64 and down to a couple of them married 30 years. Sometimes God has to bring us down in order to bring us up. I used Job as the Biblical illustration of that point. Job lost his fortune, his family, and any standing that he once had. He lost his health and even his wife encouraged him to curse God and die. But instead Job stayed true to the Lord. He thought of his situation as the refiners fire that brings purity to silver and gold. When you look at folks in the Bible you know that Moses was on the backside of the desert before he became a great leader of Israel. Joseph was beaten, thrown in a pit and sold as a slave before he became a high official and saved his family and nation. Elijah ran for his life from Jezebeel before giving the mantel to Elisha who ask for a double portion. Paul was struck blind before calling on the Lord and sight restored and wrote half of the N.T.. Jesus the greatest example lived a sinless life yet was falsely arrested, tried, beaten, mocked, nailed to a cross, spit upon and died for our sin. Buried in a borrowed tomb yet rose again on the third day to give a way of salvation and eternal life for you and me. What ever you are going through just remember the Lord has not allowed it to defeat you but to perfect you.


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