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  Good ole summer time is here. Temps been mostly in the 90's with high humidity. How quickly things can change. Last Sunday too much rain and this Sunday needing rain. Sunday School was average in attendance. Our lesson from Matt. 8 after the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus and disciples in the boat. A sudden storm comes and Jesus is asleep and disciples wake Him frightened. He speaks to the wind and the waves and both cease. He then chides them for their little faith. Before we scold the disciples I wonder how many miracles we have experienced and yet when a financial, health, relationship storms we also doubt and have little faith. Our attendance for worship was slow in building but it did build and we had more than last week. Choir is great and music was great. Debbie Rose had special music. Scripture was Acts 4:36,37 where it tells of Joses who the disciples called Barnabas which means encourager. This is the only time in scripture we know his real name because his character is that of encourager. Every where he went he encouragered others. That is what our world needs today. Donnie Dell, Bob Taylor, Sam Powell were all people of encouragement. This is why the Church is important in our lives so we can encourage each other and then a lost world. We enjoyed a fellowship meal following the service to celebrate the Red team victory over the Blue team and raising over $6,100 for Camp Allen ministries.

 Sunday Night was hot and I think everyone was pleased to have air conditioning. It seemed that the attendance was about like last week. We had small number in the choir but they done a great job. I sang "Reach Out To Jesus" for the special. Scripture was II Samuel 19:1 - 10. This is where Absalom tried to overthrow David as King. David had to flee the city of Jerusalem but sent his troops to battle. Absalom was killed. The King wept and mourned for Absalom. David is a difficult position as King of a divided nation and a father mourning for his son. The King gave in to his mourning and crying Absalom my son, my son Absalom if only I had died instead of you. The people and the army hearing this were discouraged. They fought and won but there was no joy. Joab the commander of Davids troops went to him. He told him how wrong he was in his actions and tears and told him a truth that if the King did not change no one would be with him. He told the right things but in the wrong ways. David did listen and went and set in the city gate and greeted the people and soldiers and united the nation again. Even when we don't feel like it we still need to encourage others.






  June 2021  
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