May 2019   
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A beautiful day with the sun and the SON shining brightly at Sunnyvale. We missed some follks that were out for various reason but so happy for the good folks who came our way. Our Sunday School class was up over last week and we had a good lesson from Romans 3 about Righteousness and being justified through the Lord Jesus. For worship attendance was up over a week ago and we had new faces for which we are so thankful. Janice had the choir doing a great job as usual however in the middle of one song there was a bit of a stumble. My wife stands in the choir a little behind me and I had given her a big smile but turned and she took a swipe at me with her book.  The funny part is it was on my blind eye side and I never seen it nor could figure out the smiles and looks. She explained it to me on the way home. Special was by the "Git Up" boys who had not sang in awhile. Scripture was Leviticius 6: 9 11,12 about the fire on the altar to never go out. If there is a need in our church and the Bible believing churches of our world is to keep the fire burning. Too many churches are attracting people with gimimics and not the power of God. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush that was not consumed. He spoke to Moses on a Mtn of smoke and fire. God led the children by a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. Elijah met with 450 prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel and challenged them to offer a sacrifice and see who answered. Baal's prophets prepared and hollered and screamed but no answer ( because baal is no god). They cut themselves and still no answer. Late evening Elijah prepared his altar and offered his sacrifice then to make it harder had servant pour water on it 3 different times. When he prayed fire fell from heaven and consumed it all. John the Baptist said that Jesus would come and baptize with the Spirit and with fire. Understand that fire represents the presence of God. It was not Moses or Elijah but it was God that was doing the great things. Who is responsible to keep the fire going? In Leviticius it is the priest. So the Pastor is responsible and the Deacons are responsible and the Sunday School Teacher's and the Choir Director. Peter said that we are all priest and so it is not just those that are responsible but each of us. If the fire is going out of your church don't just look at others but look at you. God can and will bring revival fire if we will allow Him to work in our lives.

Sunday Night our weather was great but our attendance was down. Choir and musicians again done a great job. There was no special music. Scripture was Philippians 1:9-11 Emphasis on prayer and Paul says to this church so that your love may abound.  That your knowledge and grace will grow in the Lord. We need our love to grow and our knowledge to grow. There's too many people that are being deceived materially and spiritually. We must have a discerning spirit. How do we get such.  By praying which is talking to God and by reading His Word which is Him talking to us. I have found that reading and trusting His word is the best way to live and it will be so for you too!



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