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  A terrific service on the 24th day of January. Our Sunday School class was not as large in attendance but still a full class and lots of participation. Our lessons for the quarter are getting better and better. Todays lesson John 17:14-24 Jesus has given them His word of truth. The world hated them because they are not of the world. A great statement for our citizenship is in heaven. Vs 20 Jesus pray for us today as believers and intercedes for us to live for Him. After class I enjoyed shaking hands with those that come for worship. What a pleasure to see a good friend and fellow Pastor Travis Lambert and wife Kelly in attendance. He had recently resigned and was visiting around and blest us today. Our choir was just awesome today. Janice asked me to sing "How Long Has It Been". II Kings 7:8-9 was our scripture. Background is King of Syria with a superior military force laid siege to Samaria. Virtually starving them out. In desperate times we need to hear from God. The King of Samaria called for Elisha who responded and said that tomorrow at that time you could buy bread at the city gate for just shekels.One of his aids said if the windows of heaven were to open it couldn't happen. Elisha said it would happen but he would not partake. Our verses deal with 4 lepers outside the main gate of Samaria. 3 options: do nothing and starve to death; go in the city and starve to death; or surrender to the Syrians who might feed them or kill them. Decisions was to surrender. When they got there the military was gone. Tents and supplies were still there. They ate and took silver and gold and clothing and hid it. Then said WE DO NOT WELL. God had provided means to save the city. God provided the food to save the city. All that was needed was for the city to hear the message. They went and told the good news. It's the same for us. If we don't tell Malden, Campbell, Bernie, and Dexter the good news WE DO NOT WELL. 

 Sunday Evening we were about average. The question of the day was where was the cup cake boy from last week. Our choir was again very good as are the musicians. We have a number of people sick and bereaved. Scripture was II Kings 14:25 and Jonah 3. II Kings made note that Jonah was a prophet. Previous to the book of Jonah he had heard from God and delivered His word. However in Jonah the parameters had changed and God wanted him to go to foreign city Nineveh. This was the capital city of Assyria and very wicked and vile. They had a 600 year history of being Israel's enemy. God told Jonah to go preach. Jonah deliberatly went the opposite direction. A storm of God's judgment came and Jonah told those on the vessel to throw him overboard. They did but God prepared a miracle fish that swallowed him then threw him up on shore. He then preached and the people heard and repented. He was mad because they did.  He was glad God saved him but could not be glad God saved others. We are all like Jonah. A new administration is in office. Some major changes made on 1st day. Our nation has been more and more prolife. But the wind has changed with hurricane force the opposite direction. Since 1973 60,000,000 babies aborted. It looks to get worse. We must take action with our faith and prayers. Nothing is impossible with God.

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