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What a beautiful day March 17 turned out to be.  The sun was shining brightly after so much rain and storms early in the previous week. People were eager to get to worship and our attendance showed it.  Our Sunday School Class was avg but we always have a great time in prayer request and addressing various issues we all have. Our lesson was from Luke 15 about the prodigal son and one comment I made early in the lesson seemed to resonate and help everyone. That is that all of us, not just part of us have disfunctional families at one time or another. We always seem so shocked when something happens in our families so unexpected yet it happens to all and I think that is a small thing Jesus was wanting to introduce in this scripture. Time got away quickly and we only got about half way and dismissed to go to worship. Spirits were happy and joyful in shaking hands. People just had a spring in their step and spring doesn't get here until Wednesday. Our choir was fantastic and Janice selected some great songs. Special was by Debbie Judd who sang a Dottie Rambo song. Then Joe Williams from Jackson, Mississippi played his rendition of "The King Is Coming" and as usual it was great. Our Scripture was Luke 13:31-35 about the love that Jesus had for people even though they rejected Him and His message. vs 31 says the Pharisees told Jesus to leave and get out because Herod was going to kill Him. Herod had previously killed John the Baptist and had the power to kill Jesus. However Jesus took light of what they said. They could have cared less if Herod killed Jesus they wanted Him gone because He exposed their hypocrisy. Then Jesus said to them: Tell that ole fox.. That's important to note. A fox is cunning, and sneaky, but no danger of death because it's a pest. Jesus had a job to do and He was going to do it Herod or no Herod. He continued: I must walk today and tomorrow and the next. A prophet is not killed outside of Jerusalem. Then O Jerusalem, Jerusalem which killest the prophets and stonest them that are sent unto thee how often would I have gathered they children together as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings and ye would not. Jesus compares Himself to a mother hen. A farmers chicken house burned down. When cooled off he was going through the rubble and came across a burned hen close to her nest. He nudged the charred body with his boot and to his surprise there were 5 live chicks underneath. Like any good mom the hen chose to suffer the pain and death of the fire to keep her chicks safe. There is even a greater love than that and it's Christ love for you and me. Accept Him today.

Sunday Night we gather with temps in the 60's and what a relief. No visitors tonight but we had a good service. Of course the choir was great as usual. I sang "Jesus and Me" as it had been awhile since I had sang it. Scripture was I Cor. 11:1 where Paul asked the church to imitate him as he imitated Christ in his life. Powerful thought. Then in Hebrews 13:7 Remember them which have the rule over you who have spoken to you the word of God; whose faith follow considering the end of their conversation. I took a road seldom traveled for General Baptist and gave a short history about St. Patrick. I had never looked into him before because of where I lived for 3 decades this holiday was just about drinking and glutony which I was opposed to. More so the drinking than the glutony - congregation laughed. But this fellow Patrick was a interesting guy. He was captured from England and taken to Ireland at age 16. There suffering in adveristy he prayed and repented of his sins and accepted Christ. Through a vision God gave him a way to escape after 6 years in captivity. He returned to England and grew in grace and power. Asking himself if he could forgive those who had enslaved him? Then he asked if he could minister to them about God's salvation. His parents died and he sold all he had to finance his mission ministry of going back to Ireland to tell them about Jesus. March 17 is celebrated because that is the day of his death. Patrick started 700 churches and trained 1,000 pastors and led thousands to Christ. He is a saint because of his faith and his work. You and I are the same and if Sunnyvale is to get something from St. Patrick it is to FORGIVE. We all have things that tear our heart out but forgive as Jesus does. Then go on and do God's work and have no fear for He is with us!

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