November 2019  
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 Deer season has started in this area which means some of our guys will be out in the woods. Had one of our men come in with a hurt shoulder where in fell in the woods. Thankfully not too bad. Our folks came in slow but steady. Our Sunday School was down just slightly. Our lesson was from the writings of Peter. We all know about Peter because he so closely resembles most of us. He was quick with his opinions and not a bashful bone in his body. Until Jesus arrest. but after the resurrection Peter was a changed man and his writings depict that individual. We barely got half way through the lesson but it was a good class. Shaking hands and greeting folks is just always important. We had some folks back that had been visiting. Janice had the choir in good spirits and voice as they sang praises to the Lord. A lady that had special music had to decline at the last. So with Janice's help I sang "How Long Has It Been". Scripture was II Kings 20:1-7 Where King Hezekiah was sick and God sent Isaiah to tell him to get his house in order that he would not recover and was going to die. He turned himself to the wall and prayed to the Lord. This is a King and I believe lived in the palace. Possibly the wall that held up and supported the terrace that King David looked upon bathsheba as she was bathing. This wall may have seen the wisdom of King Solomon when 2 women came bringing oen baby each claiming it as their own. This wall knew of the evil of Jezebell. It also knew of the evil of Hezekiah's own father King Ahaz. But Hezekiah was not like his father. Hezekiah loved the Lord and obeyed Him. He had all the pagan shrines destroyed. He reclaimed and refurbished the Temple for worship. He iniated a Passover celebration as great as when Solomon proclaimed one. But with all those good things He was still sick. Sickness never ask our permission nor is it a respector of persons.Hezekiah prayed and God heard his prayer. So before the prophet Isaiah got out of the palace God turned him around with another message for Hezekiah. Tell him I will add 15 more years to his life. He never promised trouble free years but 15 more. The question today is: Is your house in order. Just my the Lord telling Hezekiah to get it in order meant it must have been out of order. We have all sinned. If your house is not in order you can get it that way today.

 Sunday Night we had a great crowd for it to be deer season. The music and choir was great. We had no special music so the scripture was Luke 21:12 - 19 where Jesus is preparing His disciples for the last days. So for we Christians we have to know that we are going to face problems in life. Most of us are aware of that but as Jesus said in verses 16 and 17 the shock is where the trouble comes from. We expect difficulties from pagans and Isis. But Jesus says problem are going to come from our family members. I have seen that so much in ministry and then friends and co-workers. Then a group that often hurts the worse is from with in the church family. Soon after those statements Rev. Mark Powell and Pastor Philip Pussey and wife from Jamacia came in. So I cut the sermon and acknowledged Bro. Mark and asked Bro. Pussey to come and bring a word from the work in Jamaica. A beautiful time and service ended on a high spiritual note.



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