Summary of current Sunday activities

Sunday December 25 was a Christmas day that many would have ordered. Snow on the ground and cold temps. Our lot was cleaned but a few slick spots. We only have Worship today at 10:30. Our attendance was above my expectations to which I was well pleased. Folks were cheerful and happy. Bro. Phil led in congregational singing. Preston and Ron Owens provided special music - "O Come All Ye Faithful". There was some technical difficulties that brought a early end to the song. Scripture was Luke 2:1 - 14 the Christmas story. No where in Bible does it say to remember Christ birth but we do. We are to remember a great many other things. His death, His resurrection, His last supper, His teachings all important to us. Christmas tells us of a specific time and place that Jesus, Son of the Living God came to earth. Many of that day missed it because He came as a Baby. One that needed diapers and fed. But Jesus came to experience life just as we know it. So His life and Words would have a greater impact. Our needs are like the needs in that day. Disease was rampant then as it is today with covid and flu and rsv. Our world is uneasy because of criminal activity and lack of social help to many. We live in uncertain days. Just like those in Jesus day. But the Angels message was one of peace on earth and goodwill toward men. That comes only through Christ coming into our lives. Let Him live in you.

Sunday Night no service