Summary of current Sunday activities

Sunday December 4 was a good day weather wise. Folks came in with a little better step in their walk because of the season I think. Sunday School was about Zecharias and Elisabeth. Both for the lineage of Aaron and that was important. Zecharias was a priest and serving in the temple. An angel appeared at the right side of the temple. Notice that Zecharias was doing his work for the Lord when the angel appeared. When you want to stay close to the Lord then do His work. Good lesson and good class. Shaking our attendance was average but great to meet folks. Learn about prayer needs within the Church family. Good to see a family from Tennessee we hadn't seen in awhile. Terri Owens was out of town so Terry Miller played the piano. Our bass player and wife were out with the flu. We had a great choir and song selection. Ended with one of my favorite Christmas songs "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem". Terry Miller brought special music and as usual done a great job. Scripture was Matthew 1:18 -25 about the birth of Christ. Our attention was given to Joseph. He's usually not seen much in the Christmas plays but he played an important role. His job was to take care of baby Jesus and Mary. He didn't dream where his commitment would take him. After the birth he left his work place, family, and home town to go to Egypt. It cost to travel in many different ways and it was no different with Joseph. Christmas came because Joseph was willing to give. Christmas came because God was willing to give the worlds greatest gift. But as any gift it is of no use unless it is received and used. Accept Christ today.  

Sunday Night we had good attendance. Choir was a little smaller tonight but had great voice. The Lord never ceases to amaze me as He uses Janice in song selection and how they go with the message. No special music tonight. Scripture was Galatians 4:19. The Church in Galatia was departing from the salvation message of saved by grace through faith heading for works or just leaving. Paul addresses here in verse 19 saying he remembers their birth in Christ and they need to have Christ formed again in their heart. If there is a need in our nation at this season of the year I believe it is the same need. The ole devil is leading multitudes down the broad path that leads to destruction. Our need is to wake up and get back with Christ in our hearts to give light to a lost and dying world.



  December 2022  
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