Summary of current Sunday activities

Cloudy and cool and then a little sunshine for the last Lord's Day in November. Our folks were slow coming in for Sunday School. Our class was about average. The lesson was from Acts where Cornelius had sent for Peter to come to him. Peter was given a vision from the Lord with a sheet and all kinds of animals. The Lord told Peter to kill and eat. Peter said he had never eaten anything unclean. The Lord told him not to call anything he created. About that time the messengers from a Gentile asking Peter to come and Peter knew the Lord was sending him to give good news to the Gentiles. Which he did. They received the message were saved and Peter said what hinders these to be baptized. A good lesson. Shaking hands I noticed some missing because of sickness and others unknown. However there were a lot of folks there and enjoyed speaking to each of them. The choir was wonderful. Terri O. our pianist was out sick so Terry M. played piano, John R on the bass guitar, and Janice led the choir. "God will Take Care Of You" was the last choir song. We have had so many deaths recently. Jennifer brought special music singing "It Won't Rain Always" and done a terrific job. Scripture was I Corinthians 6:19 and I Chronicles 22:18,19. Corinthians was Paul telling that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost. Chronicles is were David is passing on the business of building the temple to his son Solomon. Talks about the holiness and sacredness of the sanctuary. How we need a heart like Davids desire to build that place in our lives. Our young people today only know what they have been exampled and taught and little hope for heaven unless God gives a Revival.

Sunday Night I'm assuming we have a new 5 p.m. start average attendance. The choir was small but sang out and blest many in attendance. Terry M brought special music with "I won"t have to worry anymore". Scripture was Matthew 3:1-3 about God loving us and sending us His Son. He provided a forerunner to give the news to the people to receive. His message was to repent. If ever there was a generation that needed to repent it is this generation. But just as in John's day the majority fail to hear. But these days of advent are for us to prepare because Jesus is Coming and I believe soon!

  December 2021  
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