Summary of current Sunday activities

The 2nd Sunday in October was warm and sunny. Our Sunday School lesson was from Psalm 9. David was writing about his giving praise to the Lord and the reasons for it. To begin with because He is God. He had blest David as He has many of us. In battles of different kinds. Against all sorts of enemies and afflictions. All nations need to give praise to the Lord for He is our creator and sustainer. Shaking hands before worship was great to see folks we hadn't seen in awhile. Our music and choir was wonderful. Song selection was spirited and uplifting. Special music was by JoAnn Bradley singing "I'm Free". Scripture was Amos 3:11,12. Amos and other prophets had warned and warned Israel to turn from their idolatry and back to God. But they refused. Amos here tells them a adversary is coming. It will be as a lion attacking sheep and all the shepherd can get from the lion is 2 legs and piece of ear. Hard for us today to understand. In that day the shepherd had to have these pieces to show the owner of the sheep to account for the loss. Amos then said the Lord can take those broken, lifeless pieces and restore. God is a God that restores. He can take the broken pieces of your life and restore to add blessings and favor to your life.

Sunday Night our attendance was good. We again had good music  and songs. Special music was Sis. Terri playing "I Know A Man Who Can". Scripture was Galatians 5:13-26 Paul was reminding his readers that they had been set free from the condemnation of sin. The O.T. law no longer held them in bondage. No one could live up to it. But there were false teachers telling them the opposite. That they had to keep the law. Paul then listed the things of the flesh that keeps us from heaven starting with verse 19. As a Christian we know we are not to do these things. Then he shares in vs 22 about the fruit of the Spirit that is to be in each of our lives. We all have a choice to make in our daily lives but always remember choices have consequences.

  October 2021  
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