Summary of current Sunday activities

Sunday July 31 had cooler temps after a refreshing rain pretty much all over the area. Our Sunday School lesson was again from the Gospel of John 14 and Jesus was preparing His disciples for His departure which they did not comprehend about it. It was a good lesson with the promise of the Comforter again which they didn't understand. But the Lord's promises always come true in His timing and not ours. It was a joy to meet some new people as I was shaking hands for worship. One of them was a good friend of ours from St. Louis - Jimmy Allen. The choir was wonderful and good to have John back on the bass. Debbie Rose singing "Right on Time" for special music. Scripture was Matthew 19:16-26 about the young man who ask Jesus what must I do to be saved. That's a trap the many fall into. If I'm good then I go to heaven and if not I'll go to hell and there is some truth in that. But where is Christ in that. Jesus came to bear our sins on the cross and resurrect to give us the opportunity of salvation in victory over death. Ephesians says for it is grace through faith and not of works lest any should boast. Heaven is gained by Christ alone. Yes, we are to do good. Don't be weary in well doing and do good to them especially in the church. This young man was thinking about eternity. Seems like not many do that today. I hope you do think about eternity and trust Christ.

Sunday Night the temps were about 82 which was 12 degrees cooler than last week. Our attendance was back to average. The choir was great with wonderful song selection. Terry Miller sang the special a Rambo song "In the Valley". Scripture was Galatians 6:14-18. Paul ending his letter to the Church at Galatia. The last part of verse 17 Paul said For I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. Identity is important in todays world. You can't do much without identification. Paul used his scars on his body to identify with Christ. He often referred to himself as a bond slave of Jesus. We all have scars and with each scar is a story of pain. Let our scars be that which shows God's healing to a lost world that needs Christ.



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